Chris Cuomo Brands Trump’s Latest ‘Demonstrably False’ — Then Life Showed Up And Tomahawked Him With Facts (VIDEO)


Chris Cuomo asserted Tuesday that Donald Trump’s claim that he has been “much tougher on Russia” than Barack Obama is “demonstrably false,” a claim which itself is wrong.

CNN had invited Justin Vaughn, who conducted the recent “presidential greatness” poll, to come on and explain his methodology and how Trump had placed dead last.

“Some of the factors that have historically gone into explaining why some presidents are better than others, greater than others are the — whether or not they won a war while they were in office, how the economy performed while they were in office, whether they had scandals that cursed their administrations while they were in office, how popular they were, how productive they were,” he explained. “A lot of those factors all sort of worked together to determine the historical memory of a president.” – READ MORE

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