CBS to Democratic Senator: ‘Confront’ President and Tell Him to ‘Stop It!’


CBS This Morning co-host Gayle King on Friday demanded that a Democratic Senator go to the White House and “confront” the President. After Mark Warner attacked Donald Trump for criticizing government agencies, King lectured, “A lot of people feel the way you do, Senator, that words matter. Why don’t a group of you all get together and just confront him and say, you know, ‘Mr. President, this is not helping. You’ve got to stop it’?”

Clearly irritated, she continued: “So many people come on this program and say what you’re saying, ‘This is wrong, this is bad. What are we going to do?’ It’s very tit for tat. But I know there are people that feel, a lot of people that feel the way you do in very powerful positions. Why don’t a group of you just confront him and just say stop it?”

Though Warner was on to talk about cyber security and our elections, he kept turning to attack Trump: “A normal White House would have appointed someone in charge of election security to coordinate these kind of activities to push back.” Finally, co-host Norah O’Donnell got irriated and shot back: “I know you’re levying attacks. I spoke with the head of the FBI. The FBI is looking into this.”

The attacks from Gayle King aren’t a surprise as the CBS host is a Democratic donor. (See Open Secrets for more donations.) That’s hasn’t impacted her ability to be a network journalist. In February, she admitted on-air to actively encouraging liberal pal Oprah Winfrey to challenge Donald Trump.READ MORE


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