Awwwkward: HBO To Have An ‘Intimacy Coordinator’ On Set For All Sex Scenes Now


HBO has so many sex scenes on its shows, the cable channel has hired one more staff member to keep it under control. The position is called an “intimacy coordinator,” and the person will now be on set during all Skinemax scenes to ensure no harassment or abuse takes place.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the “intimacy coordinator” made their debut on the set of “The Deuce,” (starring #MeToo violator James Franco) and will now be installed on all sets requiring their presence, which is pretty much every show on HBO.

HBO announced the new profession on its public relations Twitter account on Thursday shortly after Rolling Stone reported on “Intimacy Coordinator” Alicia Rodis’s work on “The Deuce,” a show about the 1970’s porn industry in New York.

Alicia Rodis has made quite a name for herself as an “Intimacy Coordinator” it seems, having already worked on the upcoming “Deadwood” movie and “Watchmen” series. – READ MORE


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