CBS’ Lara Logan Calls Out Liberal Media Attackers BY NAME In ‘Hannity’ Interview: ‘I Am Not Owned’ (VIDEO)


Former CBS News foreign correspondent Lara Logan doubled-down on her criticism of the liberal media echo-chamber during a Wednesday night appearance on Fox News’ “Hannity.”

And this time she named names: CNN’s Brian Stelter, The Huffington Post’s Michael Calderon, and Joe Hagan, who’s currently at Vanity Fair, are just some of the media players who’ve targeted Logan for daring to report accurately and drop the liberal talking points, said the former “60 Minutes” correspondent.

Earlier in the week, Logan sparked headlines for telling retired Navy SEAL and “Mike Drop” podcast host Mike Ritland that the overwhelmingly liberal media have dropped even the pretense of objectivity, likening most journalists to “activists” and “propagandists.”

Fox host Sean Hannity applauded Logan for her bravery, noting that speaking such truths could be career suicide — a comment Logan made herself during the “Mike Drop” appearance.- READ MORE

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