California Lawmaker: ‘F*ck Elon Musk.’ The Tesla Founder’s Reply Was Priceless


California Assemblycritter Lorena Gonzalez, the San Diego Democrat best known as the author of the job-killing AB5 legislation, had a simple message for Tesla founder Elon Musk.

The California-based electric automaker has had a good run lately, ramping up to volume production of somewhat more affordably-priced cars, and finally realizing profits on the strength of Model 3 sales. But as you may have already read, Musk has been frustrated with California’s Wuhan virus lockdown. Just as his company is starting to do what he set out to accomplish, his Fremont plant has been shuttered.

As PJMedia’s own Bryan Preston noted on Saturday, “Musk has called the shutdown and lockdown orders fascist and has become increasingly public in opposing them.”

Gonzalez is a wholly-owned subsidiary of California’s labor organizations who would happily destroy a million jobs if it would create just one more labor position. As if AB5 weren’t bad enough, Gonzalez’s R-rated tweet might have put Musk over the edge on whether to move Tesla out of California. On Saturday, Musk let it be known — via Twitter, naturally — that Alameda County’s “Interim Health Officer” was… well, read it yourself. – READ MORE

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