BYU Student with Rare Medical Condition Denied Vaccine Exemption


A student with a rare medical condition is not permitted to begin her freshman year this fall at Brigham Young University-Hawaii because the school denied her coronavirus vaccine medical exemption request.

Olivia Sandor received the influenza vaccine and developed Guillain Barre syndrome (GBS). She was paralyzed from the waist down for several months of 2019.

On June 16, BYU-Hawaii first mandated vaccines for all incoming students. The announcement does not mention if staff members are required to receive the vaccine, and according to Sandor, they are not.

Students are not allowed to wear masks instead of getting the vaccine, and BYU-Hawaii has not offered online classes as an alternative. “They’re not giving you another option,” Sandor told Campus Reform, a project of the Leadership Institute:

The hopeful freshman provided a doctor’s note to BYU-Hawaii, asking for a medical exemption. The note read, “Because of her (Sandor’s) history I believe a COVID vaccine or another influenza vaccine will endanger her health and possibly her life. I believe she should avoid these vaccines indefinitely.”

Sandor and her family attempted to appeal the decision so she could attend her “dream” school. BYU-Hawaii’s director of Health Services, Laurie Abregano, told her she could either get vaccinated or “consider attendance at one of the other church universities” in Idaho or Utah.- READ MORE

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