Border rancher: Illegals only getting worse — ‘Don’t know what’s lurking in darkness or daylight’


A New Mexico border rancher is urging the government to build the wall after problems with illegal immigrants driving over his fence, cutting locks, and ramming gates on his property.

Russell Johnson, whose family has owned thousands of acres west of Columbus, New Mexico for more than a century, told KVIA he’s invited state and federal lawmakers to witness the destruction first hand but he’s not getting many visitors.

“You always live with a constant heightened awareness for your surroundings and what’s going on around you,” Johnson said. “You don’t know what’s lurking in the darkness or even in the daylight.”

The most recent episode came on June 28, when Border Patrol officials awakened his family around midnight because of detected smuggling activity. Johnson found a vehicle had driven over the barbed wire fence, cut a Border Patrol lock on one of his gates, and rammed into it full force.

“They got spooked and make their run back to Mexico,” Johnson told the news site. – READ MORE

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