Bookies place odds on anonymous White House official


Vice President Mike Pence – and “the field” – lead offshore bookmaking picks as the White House mole behind the anonymous bombshell New York Times op-ed blasting President Trump.

Pence was listed at 2-to-3 odds on the site MyBookie as the fifth column official who claims to be working behind the scenes to stop some of Trump’s policies that they find wrongheaded.

The biggest favorite, at 1-3 odds, is “the field,” someone not listed among the 18 administration officials listed by the Costa Rica-based operation.

At 2-to-3 odds, a winning bettor investing $1 would profit 66 cents. At 1-to-3, a gambler wagering $1 would net 33 cents with a win. – READ MORE


One word in a New York Times op-ed written by an anonymous senior Trump administration official has captivated people on social media.

The op-ed claims there’s a secret resistance against President Donald Trump in the White House. It set off a firestorm online after it was published Wednesday, and now people are trying to identify the author.

Some have latched on to the word “lodestar” as a possible clue.

The word has been used by Vice President Mike Pence in past speeches, and the fact it’s not typically heard in casual conversation has prompted speculation that he may have been the person who wrote the op-ed. – READ MORE


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