Bolton Teams Up With Kelly To Quash White House Leaks


National Security Advisor John Bolton said during a Wednesday Fox News Radio interview that he is working with White House chief of staff John Kelly to quell the numerous leaks coming from within the Trump administration.

“I think there are a lot of leaks that are coming out that are national security risks,” Bolton declared. “I’m determined to cut them down. I’ve been trying to take steps with the national security staff. It’s something I work with John Kelly the chief of staff with a lot of other people.”

The national security advisor continued to hammer leaks from White House staff saying “the president has to have advisers around him who can have open candid discussions and then not read about him the next day in the newspapers or watch them on television and to the extent that those conversations are being discussed in the public domain.”

“It hurts the ability of the President to be fully informed to make his decision.” – READ MORE

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