Black Lives Matter Minnesota says Derek Chauvin ‘guilty’ verdict not enough, calls for reparations


Activists in Minnesota are calling for reparations after former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin was found guilty of murdering George Floyd.

Advocates of police reform celebrated the verdict, which they have described as a step in the right direction toward their goal of holding police officers accountable for killing civilians.

But, according to Insider, “organizers and family members of victims of police violence are careful not to label his conviction as anything more than a step in the direction toward justice.”

In fact, Black Lives Matter Minnesota is now saying that full-scale reparations is the solution needed to atone for what they say has been generational institutionalized racism.

“It’s about direct cash payments,” Trahern Crews, a spokesperson for BLM Minnesota, told Insider. “Reparations is cause for a cessation, which means stop killing them, or stop harming them.”- READ MORE

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