Bernie Sanders CRUSHES Leftist Hopes: ‘I Don’t Believe In’ The Blue Wave


Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) is not well known for being a pragmatist, but the progressive former presidential candidate may be the only Democrat managing expectations ahead of the November midterm elections.

Speaking to the hill Monday, Sanders struck back at leftists predicting a “blue wave,” handing both houses of Congress to Democrats, and cautioned progressive activists to prepare for the best but expect the worst.

“I know a lot of people talk about this blue wave and all that stuff. I don’t believe in it,” Sandiers said. “I happen to believe on election night you’re going to find a very very close situation and maybe a handful of votes determining whether Democrats gain control of the House and that we have an entity able to stand up to Trump, or we don’t.”

Democrats need to flip at least 24 seats in the House to regain control. So far, they seem on track to gain at least that, perhaps more, but no race is for certain, particularly in the Trump era. In 2016, polls continually overestimated Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s chances at winning the White House, under-counting thousands of votes, particularly in “rust belt” swing states. – READ MORE


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