Hot Water for Stormy Daniels’ Lawyer: Bar Complaint Filed, Links to Tax Liens, 46 Lawsuits


According to Business Insider, a company Avenatti once owned owes about $5 million in taxes to the IRS, is fighting off 46 lawsuits — including from vendors and landlords. And according to the Seattle Times, Avenatti himself is facing an official complaint filed by a rival lawyer with the California Bar Association that questions Avenatti’s “fitness to practice law.”

It’s not the image the liberal media is presenting of the fearless, bulldog attorney standing up for his client — Stormy Daniels — against the most powerful man on earth.

But it’s contributing to growing questions about who’s bankrolling Avenatti’s crusade against President Donald Trump. (Former Bill Clinton adviser and pollster Mark Penn raised that very issue in a column published by The Hill on Thursday.)

According to Business Insider, Avenatti’s tax bills and lawsuits stem from his ownership of a failed Seattle coffee shop company called Tully’s that Avenatti bought out of bankruptcy with actor Patrick Dempsey (best known for playing the role of neurosurgeon Derek “McDreamy” Shepherd on the Seattle-set television series “Grey’s Anatomy.”)

Avenatti and Shepherd might have had dreams of a David and Goliath role against the Seattle-based coffee giant Starbucks when their company bought Tully’s in June 2013, but it wasn’t a partnership that was going to last. In fact, two months later, Dempsey sued Avenatti to get out, Business Insider reported.- READ MORE

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