As Foretold 4 Days Ago by True Pundit, Vegas Security Guard Jesus Campos to Appear on Ellen Degeneres


True Pundit foretold days ago that Jesus Campos, under a gag order from MGM for weeks, would break his silence during a controlled and scripted network television appearance.

That True Pundit revelation was on Oct. 15th.

Four days later, viola. In his triumphant return from seclusion, Campos will appear on the Ellen Degeneres show Wednesday. The show was taped Tuesday and approved for airing by MGM media officials who set up the interview. Campos is interviewed along with Mandalay Bay maintenance worker Stephen Schuck.

Sources now tell True Pundit MGM set up the Ellen interview for Campos and now his gag order is reactivated. He will not grant any further media interviews per MGM bosses, sources said.

MGM, who owns Mandalay Bay, is working hard to control the narrative of the Oct. 1 massacre. Campos has been under a gag order for weeks and instructed to avoid all media. An armed guard has been camped out in front of his Las Vegas home.

Typical protocol for a genuine hero.

True Pundit sources foretold Campos would make a big splash on a friendly mainstream media network to break his silence and help take pressure off MGM which has been grappling with law enforcement about the official timeline of the shooting for weeks.

From True Pundit’s Oct. 15 story, Las Vegas Shooting ‘Hero’ Jesus Campos Goes Underground; Dodges Massacre Questions:

Now even his handlers feign ignorance of where he is or what happened to him.

True Pundit reported Friday MGM, who owns the Mandalay Bay where Campos is employed, issued a gag order for the 25-yr-old security guard.

He has not given any media interviews since.

But if history is a professor here, expect Campos to break his silence in an exclusive network television interview where the questions are controlled, prearranged and very kind.

Softballs for the hero.

MGM was almost forced to parade Campos in front of some type of media after the shooting and eyewitness narrative started to spin out of control. On Tuesday it was revealed Campos’ union president and media handler’s house and office was previously raided by federal agents and the union has a troubling recent history of corruption.

Campos has been in seclusion since Thursday. MGM officials said on Tuesday they knew his location but were withholding it because Campos was shy. MGM was accused of hiding Campos.

MGM’s bogus claims about Campos’ shyness were released at the same time the security guard was taping a television show for a national audience. Talk about disingenuous spin. Why not simply tell the media the truth? For a change.

If you’re expecting any degree of tough questions, you better tune to reruns of Matlock or Columbo. The Ellen appearance will be well-scripted and controlled by MGM and that is the only reason Campos was allowed to appear on the show.

It’s all about hero building. Or the perception of heroes. The Clark County Sheriff and FBI failed to canonize Campos, so Ellen gets a whirl in front of a plastic studio audience.

No one on the MGM or FBI side wants Campos seriously cross examined by actual journalists or attorneys. Hence, the armed guard parked outside his house. He is the glue holding the FBI’s flaky narrative of the shooting together. And it is certainly flaky.

Wednesday’s appearance will be nothing more than a dog-and-pony show. The real purpose will be for Ellen to help solidify MGM’s narrative while stressing that everyone involved is a hero.

And the sycophants who pack Ellen’s studio audience will certainly fall in line with applause cued by heart stings tugged by the host.

Ellen: You are a true hero (even though no one has seen any video to corroborate your of the FBI’s story of what happened despite numerous cctv cameras.)

Audience applause rings out.

Maybe Ellen will give Campos a new Ford or NFL tickets.

It’s all part of the show, folks. Some corporate sponsor will get to ride on the heroes’ capes.

Please clap.


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