Las Vegas Shooting ‘Hero’ Jesus Campos Goes Underground; Dodges Massacre Questions


A hero on the run.

A NO TRESPASSING sign now hangs outside the home of Jesus Campos, warning “No Media on Property.”

On Thursday Campos had himself scheduled five television and media interviews. Walking out on the broadcasts before he was scheduled to go live was the last time he was seen in public.

Now even his handlers feign ignorance of where he is or what happened to him.

True Pundit reported Friday MGM, who owns the Mandalay Bay where Campos is employed, issued a gag order for the 25-yr-old security guard.

He has not given any media interviews since.

Sign outside Campos’ home in Las vegas

But if history is a professor here, expect Campos to break his silence in an exclusive network television interview where the questions are controlled, prearranged and very kind.

Softballs for the hero.

The FBI, who called for the MGM gag order, realizes that Campos under tough cross examination by non-state media, would likely unravel along with the entire narrative cooked up to make him a hero.

I mean heroes always go into hiding, right?


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