Anti-Trump, Pro-Iran Magazine Articles Traced Back to Tillerson’s State Dept.


It was no secret that Trump and Tillerson disagreed on several major issues, most notably “climate change” and the withdrawal from the Paris Climate Accord, Trump’s “America First” economic vision versus the transnational and multi-lateral agreements favored by Tillerson, the best diplomatic path to address the North Korean threat, and perhaps most importantly, the Iran nuclear deal forged under former President Barack Obama’s administration.

According to Conservative Review, it was the last issue that may have been the final straw, and specifically the fact that Tillerson’s State Department appeared to have vetted and approved the publication of articles by a department employee that were harshly critical of Trump’s position on the matter.

Recall that on Oct. 13, 2017, Trump announced that he was pressing forward with a new strategy in regard to Iran, one starkly different from that of his predecessor that would most likely result in the decertification and ultimate end of the Iran nuclear deal.

Just days after that announcement came an article in Foreign Affairs that was co-authored by Sahar Nowrouzzadeh, a State Department official held over from the Obama years who had played an integral role in the creation and implementation of the deal.

Little more than two months later, Nowrouzzadeh co-authored yet another hit piece on Trump titled “This Is Why Trump’s Strategy For Iran Will Fail,” which was published in the prestigious Harvard Kennedy School Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs.

Conservative Review pointed out that both of those anti-Trump articles had to undergo an department review prior to publication that looked at three specific criteria: whether it contained classified information; whether it contained information not eligible for release under the Freedom Of Information Act; and whether it was highly likely to result in adverse consequences to the efficiency or mission of the department. – READ MORE

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