Another Jeffrey Epstein protégée says she was expected to charm Prince Andrew at a party — but refused


Another woman has come forward with a story about how Jeffrey Epstein and his socialite friend Ghislaine Maxwell swooped into her life when she was a teenager and drew her into his orbit of wealth and privilege, with the idea that she would introduce him to her school friends and even serve as a “charming” companion for Prince Andrew when he visited New York City.

Musician Melissa Solomon explains in the latest episode of the “Broken: Jeffrey Epstein” podcast that she was a promising 14-year-old cello player from South Africa when she met Epstein and Maxwell in 1997.

Over the next seven years, Solomon said the multimillionaire financier covered her costly tuition at the Interlochen Center for the Arts and at The Juilliard School — prestigious institutions that otherwise would have been out of reach for a girl from a modest background in post-apartheid South Africa.

For some reason, Solomon said on the podcast that she was never expected to have sex with Epstein, though at one point she was told that he was attracted to her and that she was “his type.”

Towards the end of her association with Epstein and Maxwell in 2003, Solomon said she learned that she was expected to encourage her attractive Juilliard classmates to meet the financier. She also learned that she was perhaps being groomed for someone else: Prince Andrew.

Solomon said Maxwell asked her to come to a party at Epstein’s mansion one night to meet Queen Elizabeth’s second son. When Solomon expressed confusion about why a member of the British royal family would want to meet a college student, Maxwell told her, “You’re a talented cellist, you’re charming, you’re so many things.” Maxwell added, according to Solomon, “He’d love to meet you, just come to this party.”

When Solomon balked at meeting Andrew and at bringing her friends to meet Epstein, her benefactors suddenly cut her off and left her to pay a $100,000 tuition bill on her own. – READ MORE

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