Another House Democrat says he will vote against impeachment, predicts others will join him


Rep. Collin Peterson (D-Minn.) was one of just two House Democrats who voted against opening the impeachment inquiry against President Donald Trump. Now, Peterson has confirmed that he will also vote against impeaching the president.

Speaking at an event over the weekend in Minnesota’s 7th Congressional District, which he represents, Peterson confirmed that he plans to vote against impeachment “unless they come up with something between now and Wednesday,” according to the Globe.

Peterson told the Globe that Trump “has not committed a crime” and said his “biggest problem” with the impeachment proceedings is that his caucus pre-determined that they were committed to impeaching Trump.

“And now they’ve spent a year trying to figure out how they can make a case for it. That’s backwards. I just don’t agree with this,” Peterson said. “This is dividing the country for no good reason because he’s not going to be thrown out of office. Why are we doing this?”

Peterson further predicted that four or five other Democrats will join him in voting against impeachment. But he did not name which colleagues those will be. – READ MORE

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