Andrew Cuomo, Who Blew New York’s Coronavirus Response, Declares ‘First-In-The-Nation’ Disaster Emergency On Gun Violence, Giving Himself New Emergency Powers


Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D-NY), who bungled his state’s response to the coronavirus pandemic through the emergency powers he gave himself, has declared another emergency in the Empire State.

Cuomo on Tuesday signed an executive order declaring a disaster emergency on gun violence, which he said was the first of its kind in America. The executive order outlined how the state would respond to rising gun violence, without any mention of the root causes. For example, the executive order doesn’t mention anything about mental illness or the fact that New York’s bail reform law has allowed dangerous criminals to return to the streets after being arrested. As The Daily Wire has documented, some of these criminals have committed violent crimes while out on bail for other violent crimes.

But Cuomo’s executive order includes lofty goals for seven “key areas”:

  1. Treat gun violence like the emergency public health it is;
  2. Target hotspots with data and science;
  3. Positive engagement for at-risk youth;
  4. Break the cycle of escalating violence;
  5. Get illegal guns off the streets;
  6. Keep guns out of the hands of dangerous people;
  7. Rebuild the police-community relationship

Some of those goals should give pause to those who followed Cuomo’s “leadership” during the coronavirus pandemic, as New York Post columnist Karol Markowicz noted on Twitter.

“Gov. Cuomo should never have emergency powers ever again,” Markowicz tweeted. “And ‘target hotspots with data and science’ is something the Cuomo administration was unable to do even during the actual public health crisis.”- READ MORE

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