Actor Tom Arnold Tells Candace Owens to ‘Suck Racist D*ck’


Joining Perez Hilton and Shaun King in attacking Candace Owens, actor Tom Arnold told the female, black conservative to go “suck racist dick.” Owens went toe-to-toe with each and landed the knockout blow with, “None of you white men own my blackness.”

The whole brouhaha sounds petty and meaningless, but in reality it is a form of blacklisting, a form of making socially unacceptable a black woman who dares to not think and believe in the ways the political left, the media, and Democrats demand she think and believe.

On Friday, Owens — who is communications director for Turning Point USA, a group that aims to “launch, organize, and support student groups that exist to educate students about the benefits of limited government, capitalism, and freedom — used her verified Twitter account to publish video of her shutting down a group of Black Lives Matters hecklers who had hoped to destroy the event. – READ MORE

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