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Photo, Video Evidence Surface of Imran Awan’s Clandestine Computer Set Up in Basement of Tenant’s Home (Video)

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Video and photo evidence has surfaced that could prove Imran Awan maintained a chain of computer servers in the basement and locked garage area of an Alexandria, VA home he and wife Hina Alvi rented to a tenant.

The embattled Awan couple did not reside at the home, however, did maintain separate internet service and a router which fed into a locked internal storage area connected to the home, according to an interview with former tenant Laurel Everly who rented the home for nine months from the Awans in 2014 and 2015.

Everly has now provided photos and videos of the internet equipment in her locked garage area from that time period that Awan had installed from Cox Cable. The revelations were sparked from the latest interview in a series of Awan-themed stories gleaned from Everly by the journalism upstart CrowdSource the Truth.

CrowdSource Editor Jason Goodman said photo analysis pulled from video supplied by the former Awan tenant isolates snap shots of a network hub and modem that Awan likely used to sync to clandestine computers at the residence.

Awan and wife Hina Alvi were charged in a four-count indictment in August, charging the couple for defrauding the Congressional Federal Credit Union, making false statements and illegal money transfers to Pakistan. The Awans, along with two brothers, worked for Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz and dozens of other Democratic members of Congress, performing IT work.

The FBI, who interviewed Everly about her experiences renting from Awan, did not ask any questions about Awan’s probable clandestine computer set up in her basement. In fact, Goodman said on a broadcast Tuesday night, it is likely the FBI didn’t even know about the set up.

FBI sources we spoke with, who had familiarity with the pending criminal case, said they had not uncovered any evidence that Awan was using the Alexandria home to run his own computers while renting the residence to a third party.

Goodman said he planned to forward the video and photographs to the FBI for further analysis.

Everly also detailed Awan may have been using other parts of the property she rented to warehouse more servers. Much of what Everly told the FBI about Awan includes:

  • Awan pumped electricity from the main house to a detached locked storage shed that used cooling towers to preserve and maintain electronic “equipment.” Everly said she paid the electricity bill for set up but was not allowed access to the unit.
  • Everly once reported to Awan the basement at her rented home had flooded and said the landlord panicked and showed up within minutes to check the equipment in the  locked garage area.
  • Everly thought Awan might be using her rental of the property to implicate her or set her up for possible illegal things he was involved in.
  • Awan had his own key to the property and often used the house when Everly or her family members were away.
  • Awan did not live at the house but used the address to receive personal mail at the location, often addressed to the names of different alias’ he employed.
  • Awan demanded rent be paid in cash only.
  • Everly maintained her own internet router and cable boxes on a different floor from Verizon at the rental property, separate from the Awan set up in the basement.
  • Awan pressured the woman to sublet her basement to a number of Pakistani nationals who had relocated to the United States.


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  • OpenMinded

    This is bigger than Water Gate ,Awan spy ring in congress. Lets hope we see some justice here.

  • Bruce Loggins V

    this is great and all, but what does it have to do with Russia? /s

  • jeoneo

    Are you kidding me? A couple of wires? That’s the photos and video??

  • Uncle-Archie

    FBI likely burying as much as they can.

  • Carolingian

    The fact he had separate internet going to that place is a smoking gun. How much you want to bet the surveillance he was paying for included what was in those sheds?

  • Freempg

    moved comment to your post below

  • Freempg

    That is a Cox Cable router which was active until June 2017, and likely broadcasting wirelessly to the two sheds on the property Awan kept under lock and key and had exclusive access to, part of the landlord/tenant agreement. The server(s) where alleged to be there.

  • Carolingian
  • CatherineOfTexas

    jason goodman is the best journalist alive today

  • Mr. Meek

    Russia was fake news as they were working with the DNC to try and help Killary win.

  • Carolingian

    The Judge is freaking Jamaican? WT ….F?

  • Mr. Alias

    At least 50x bigger

  • Oh damnit.



  • Carolingian

    Why can’t these guys go the States Right’s route and simply find a Red Pilled investigator for a DA in VA or any of the multiple states this conspiracy occurred in and call a Grand Jury in the State. Subpoena the Cable Bills records and information etc. There is more than one way to skin a cat and you don’t have to Jamaican fry it. Every DA in every county has access to some form of RICO statute, every state has laws against sedition, treason. Think out of the box. You aren’t stuck with Steve Wasserman in control. One DA who looks into this will make National Headlines. It’s not particularly hard to find a DA who may want to make a name for himself. They are politicians too.

  • Carolingian

    The second internet info isn’t just a smoking gun. It is called a reasonable articulable suspicion that would provide an investigator with probable cause for a well written warrant to be served on he cable company that might be very fruitful.

  • Duke LaCrosse

    Just an aside but…
    Is the dem motto
    “The uglier the better”?

  • Hapa

    No mention of George Webb’s work in uncovering the Awan deception?

  • bilbo

    Hoy boy! I’m old enough to remember when the FBI were the good guys.

  • madgrandma

    Nail the bastards…

  • Freempg

    This may be your first time here. Thomas Paine and George Webb are friends. We all know and most follow George’s heroics on a daily basis.

  • LauraFMcGurk

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  • At least the Comey-McCabe faction. I am under the impression that the “good guys” are rebelling, but keeping a very low profile.

  • Bear in mind – if this data was going to Pakistan, it was going to China, too. They would be offering TOP dollar.

  • Areminder

    But not to worry, they’ll work out an immunity deal wth awan and alvi to slap debbie washerwoman shultz’s wrists and publicly call her a ‘Bad Girl!’

  • Areminder

    George Webb is wending the way through the courts to call a Citizen’s Grand Jury to file the charges the Justice Dept won’t file on espionage in Congress.

  • John Vilseck

    How about Americans see open court hearings. That is how big this is. Enough of the bullshit talk. I want know how they are going cleanup the DOJ/FBI of all the corruptions. Dissolve both and create an interim joint prosecutorial/investigate agency. Lie detector, sodium penothal, or waterboarding as well as forensic investigation into all their finances. Otherwise, people don’t piss unless Sheriff Ariapio/Larry Klayman know about it. Reorganize intel agencies at the same time. Interconnect checks and balances throughout the agencies. So much to clean this crap up.

  • I still believe Imran Awan’s gang was the DNC hit squad

  • blackfeather

    Dear God that is one ugly woman…along with killary and a bunch of other lib females we see in the nooze.

  • A_V

    I want Wasserman Shultz swinging by her neck from a tall tree in DC…

  • A_V

    Thomas Paine and George Webb are “friendly”, I eouldnt go as far calling the “friends”…more likely “professional acquaintances”.

  • Harleyrose

    Man, I realize a ‘good’ picture of the DWS lizard creature is impossible!
    But can we back off those full face close-ups!
    Jeezus! That is the stuff of nightmares!

  • Mike Webster

    It’s so big the suffix “gate” is not being applied.

  • Bill Meehan

    Bravo Jason and Queen Tut!

  • Methinks this is the biggest story of the modern political era, and it’s downright shameful that it’s getting zip zero zilch coverage.

  • whthfk1

    So much corruption yet no one has to pay.

  • gerry d welder

    Trump Pulls Off “Pakistan Gambit” That Spells Doom For US Democratic Party

  • Ineluctable Fate


  • Ineluctable Fate

    that is a statement of fact

  • jp

    At this point I am not holding my breath.

  • R.C. Stewart

    Do people believe the phonebooth laptop was planted or was accidentally left behind? I think it was planted and “active”, but then could not be retrieved because of a security situation.

  • Rollie Flex

    Debbie Washerwoman ready for the asylum . Soon .