‘You Want Another Day Like Saturday’–Cop Accuses Antifa Of Instigating Violence (VIDEO)


In a video posted by the Associated Press on Tuesday, a Charlottesville policeman gets fed up with a leftist protester and accuses her of wanting to instigate more violence.

The video begins with a group of protesters chanting “terrorists go home” at a young man carrying a Confederate flag and saluting with a firearm slung over his shoulder. The young man stood still and silent as the protesters chanted and held up middle fingers to his face.

“You have a home to go to. There are people who are dead and injured and stuck in the f***ing hospital and yet you are here doing this when you could just stand up,” a young woman pleaded before yelling, “Get the f*** out of here!”

The police removed the young man with the flag and put him in a police car, ostensibly because the leftist protesters asked them to do so.

A woman followed behind the police officer with a cell phone camera stating that the young man had been “terrorizing” them.

The police officer seemed to be frustrated with the woman and told her, “we’re doing what you asked.”

As the woman continued to film and harass the young man, now in the front seat of the police cruiser, the cop shot back, “you want another day like Saturday, don’t you?”


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