That Time MSM Diversity Crusader Anderson Cooper’s Family Lynched One of Their Rebellious Slaves (Video)


Anderson Cooper has used his CNN pulpit all week to point the finger at President Donald Trump, painting him as a proponent of white supremacists after the disastrous riots in Virginia that killed one woman and injured dozens.

Cooper slammed President Trump as a national disgrace, saying he had “ripped open” racial wounds in Charlottesville, VA among other vicious and unwarranted allegations in rants more suited for a social justice warrior than an alleged accredited journalist. But it is CNN.

However, Cooper’s family owned dozens of slaves, including the one that bludgeoned and killed the father of Cooper’s great-great-great grandfather with a farming hoe. That rebellious slave was strung up to a tree and hanged by Cooper’s family in 1860, according to US Census records..

There wasn’t any messy trial either. Just the lynching.

Cooper’s murdered relative in his grand-father lineage owned another 11 salves. His family, the Vanderbilts, owned dozens more. Were any more of those slaves hung from a tree too?

So Anderson … what were you saying about Trump?

Should we tear down the Vanderbilt mansion now too?

Glass houses.


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