You Say You Want a Revolution? Sorry, Bernie, Not for 27 Dollars Apiece


Turns out Bernie Sanders was wrong about one thing: You can’t buy a revolution for 27 dollars a donor (or “TWENTY SEVEN DOLLAHS!” as Sanders would ritually shout at his rallies, adding, “This in itself is revolutionary”). The Bern himself appeared to acknowledge that truth last week when, in an effort to keep his movement going long after Hillary Clinton had beaten him, he made campaign manager Jeff Weaver head of his new organization, “Our Revolution,” and Weaver promptly sought to dip into the very same tainted well Sanders had campaigned against all year long: big money.

In response, Sanders was blindsided by a walkout of more than half of group’s disenchanted staff. “Jeff would like to take big money from rich people including billionaires and spend it on ads,” departing staffer Claire Sandberg told POLITICO last week, “That’s the opposite of what this campaign and this movement are supposed to be about.” – READ MORE

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