Woods: If Islam Were Target of Met Gala, Terror Attack Would Be Certain


In a blistering Twitter post, Woods pointed out how the celebrities who fearlessly made fun of the Catholic Church with outfits that evoked the church’s history would have been terrified to mock Islam in a similar manner.

And with good reason — as they might have been killed for it.

“If this kind of group insult toward a religion were aimed at Islam, for example, we would have another Charlie Hebdo on our hands,” Woods wrote. “Why are these people so eager to blaspheme Catholicism? And why with such glee?”

Woods was referring, of course, to the 2015 massacre in Paris at the offices of the satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo, where eight employees, a guest, a maintenance worker and a police officer were murdered for the newspaper’s cartoon depiction of the Prophet Muhammad, according to CNNREAD MORE

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