‘Woke’ NYC school curriculum prompts dad to move daughter to Florida


A fed-up father told “Fox & Friends First” on Monday that he pulled his 9-year-old daughter out of a New York City private school over the race-related curriculum and moved to Florida.

“Little children don’t need to feel bad about the color of their skin,” Harvey Goldman said. “That’s what they’re teaching them, to feel bad about who they are.”

“Schools are supposed to be teaching you confidence,” he continued, adding that most parents are teachers are “scared to say something.”

He pointed out that the Heschel School in Manhattan was “teaching these young children about having white privilege” and “the murder of George Floyd,” which he noted “wasn’t an established murder” at that point.

Goldman also said that the school, which reportedly costs $43,000 a year, was teaching students about Black Lives Matter, which he said he believes is “Marxist and destructive.”

“I heard about it because I read one of their newsletters that came out,” Goldman said. “There was a little blurb about changing the curriculum and I questioned it.”- READ MORE

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