WATCH: U-Haul Truck Hands Out Riot Shields, Supplies To BLM Protesters In Louisville


Demonstrators in Louisville, Kentucky, protesting the outcome of a grand jury investigation into Breonna Taylor’s death, received a fresh supply of riot shields, signs, and supplies from a U-Haul van Wednesday afternoon, indicating substantial pre-planning.

The Daily Caller’s Julio Rosas was on the scene in Lousiville Wednesday afternoon, recording the crowd’s reaction to a grand jury decision indicting only one officer for crimes related to Breonna Taylor’s death. As The Daily Wire reported earlier, Sgt. Brett Hankison was indicted on three counts of “wanton endangerment in the first degree” for discharging his service weapon into three apartments during execution of a warrant on Taylor’s apartment.

None of the other officers or investigators were charged, and Kentucky’s Attorney General noted in a press conference that officers knocked and announced before executing the warrant — a fact corroborated, he said, by witness accounts. Witness accounts also indicate that Kenneth Walker, Taylor’s companion, fired at officers first. – READ MORE

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