WATCH: Trevor Noah Slams Hillary Clinton Over Her Handling Of Alleged Sexual Harassment Case


Approximately 99.9% of Trevor Noah’s time on Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show” is spent trashing conservatives and praising progressives, so it came as quite the shocker on Monday when he hammered Hillary Clinton over her alleged treatment of a female staffer who complained of sexual harassment during the 2008 campaign:

Hillary’s Grammy cameo came at a weird moment for her because last night’s theme was “Me Too, Time’s Up,” which is a message Hillary found herself on the wrong side of over the weekend.

Noah then played multiple clips regarding allegations that during her 2008 run for president, Hillary Clinton kept “faith advisor” Burns Strider on the campaign after he allegedly sexually harassed a female staffer and was recommended for termination by then-manager Patti Solis Doyle. – READ MORE

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Clinton finally addressed in full the controversy surrounding her alleged mishandling of sexual harassment in her 2008 campaign staff, but many never even heard the news because of the timing of the release.

However, Clinton’s daughter, Chelsea, is “proud” of her mother for “reflecting on a past decision and being thoughtful about what she could have done better and should have done differently.”

The only problem is that it took Clinton 10 years to finally do it and then she timed it to be released right before one of the biggest political events of the year, which overshadowed it almost completely. – READ MORE

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Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton attempted to upstage President Trump’s State of the Union speech with a long Facebook post about her more recent scandal.

“The most important work of my life has been to support and empower women,” her post began. “I’ve tried to do so here at home, around the world, and in the organizations I’ve run. I started in my twenties, and four decades later I’m nowhere near being done. I’m proud that it’s the work I’m most associated with, and it remains what I’m most dedicated to.”

“So I very much understand the question I’m being asked as to why I let an employee on my 2008 campaign keep his job despite his inappropriate workplace behavior,” she wrote.

“The short answer is this,” she explained. “If I had it to do again, I wouldn’t.”

Clinton explained the circumstances of the sexual harassment claim and why she did what she did.

“I did this because I didn’t think firing him was the best solution to the problem,” she continued. “He needed to be punished, change his behavior, and understand why his actions were wrong. The young woman needed to be able to thrive and feel safe. I thought both could happen without him losing his job. I believed the punishment was severe and the message to him unambiguous.”

“I also believe in second chances,” she added. “I’ve been given second chances and I have given them to others. I want to continue to believe in them. But sometimes they’re squandered. In this case, while there were no further complaints against him for the duration of the campaign, several years after working for me he was terminated from another job for inappropriate behavior. That reoccurrence troubles me greatly, and it alone makes clear that the lesson I hoped he had learned while working for me went unheeded.” – READ MORE

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