WATCH: Pence Is Asked Whether He Wants ‘Roe’ Overturned. He Doesn’t Mince Words.


Appearing on CNN with Dana Bash, Vice President Mike Pence didn’t blink when Bash asked him bluntly whether he wanted Roe v. Wade to be overturned. Pence answered simply, “I do.”

Bash started the segment by asking about Judge Brett Kavanaugh, whom President Trump nominated for the Supreme Court on Monday. She queried, “Are you worried that he’s not going to follow what you want to do?”

Pence answered, “Well, Dana, as you know, I’m pro-life; I don’t apologize for it, and I’m proud to be part of a pro-life administration that’s advanced pro-life policies. But what I can assure you is that what the president was looking for here was a nominee who will respect the Constitution as written, who will faithfully uphold the Constitution in all of his interpretations of the law.” – READ MORE

Do millennials know anything about historical atrocities? It was bad enough that only 4 in 10 millennials understood the Holocaust, but now a new poll shows that as many as 57% of millennials know little to nothing about Roe v. Wade, the ghastly SCOTUS decision that made abortion a constitutional right by judicial fiat.

According to a Democratic pollster, millennials do not know what Roe v. Wade is about, or when abortion was legalized, with many believing it happened after the American Revolution, nearly 200 years before it was decided.

“Millennials think that Roe v. Wade happened right after the American Revolution,” Celinda Lake, president of Lake Research, said on a Friday episode of “What America’s Thinking.”

The claim is supported by a 2013 study from the Pew Research Center finding that 57% adults aged 18 to 29 had no knowledge that Roe v. Wade legalized abortion. – READ MORE

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