WATCH: Jon Voight’s ‘Message Of Hope’: Trump Is A ‘Man Of Great Integrity,’ ‘A Man Who Took On Evil’


Earlier this week, actor Jon Voight delivered “a message of hope” to his social media followers in a video praising President Trump for the battle he has waged against “evil” these past four years. The “Midnight Cowboy” actor even went as far to say that Trump was “the historic president of this millennium.”

“We see President Trump as a magnificent soul raising up this nation. For he loves this country, his neighbors, thy people, Lord.  He is a true patriot who has fought single-handed and knocked each poisoner down with his gifted tongue of truths and his true concern for everyone, every citizen,” Voight began.

The actor went on to hail President Trump as a “man of great integrity” for how valiantly he has fought for the American people.

“This is a man of great integrity, this is a man who held his head high, this is a man who took on evil and brought us to light,” continued Voight. “This is a man, a president, who guided his nation and his people on a path to greatness. This man, President Trump, had to fight a war, a war that was bigger than anything our nation has witnessed in our lifetime, though he shielded us and protected us through it. This is what a man of great love does, a man that will protect his country to the end. With dignity, honor, respect,  and love.” – READ MORE

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