WATCH: Don Jr. Triggers Whoopi After Recalling Her Defense of Child Rapist Roman Polanski


Donald Trump Jr. reminded the co-hosts of The View on Thursday of some of their regrettable actions of the past, including Whoopi Goldberg’s defense of convicted child rapist Roman Polanski.

Donald Trump Jr. and Kimberly Guilfoyle’s Thursday appearance on The View was met with contention, with Goldberg finding herself utterly unwilling to say the name “Trump” while introducing the pair.

At one point during the conversation, Trump reminded two of the hosts – Joy Behar and Goldberg – of some of the regrettable actions of their past in defense of his father.

“We’ve all done things we regret. If we’re talking about bringing discourse down – Joy, you’ve worn blackface,” Trump said, triggering Behar.

“No I have not,” she said. – READ MORE

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