‘Queer Eye’ celeb says his family is receiving death threats because he was respectful to Sean Spicer


“Queer Eye” celebrity Karamo Brown says that he had to deactivate his Twitter account because his family was getting death threats after he said he was going to be respectful to former Trump admin member Sean Spicer.

Brown made the comments during an interview on “AM2DM.”

“The minute that my son started getting death threats was the worst moment for me because a lot of it wasn’t coming from the other side, it was coming from my own side,” Brown said.

“It hurt my heart — I’m kind of getting emotional now,” he explained, “because I just never thought in my heart that people would look at me, and think as a black, gay man living in America, that I was somehow part of the enemy.”

Spicer, the former press secretary for President Donald Trump, is a contestant on “Dancing with the Stars.” Brown became a target of the left merely for saying that he looked forward to interacting on the show with Spicer, whom he disagreed with politically. – READ MORE

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