WATCH: Crowd Erupts When Trump Lands Brutal Biden-Obama Dig


President Donald Trump, as per usual, was completely in his element during a campaign rally in Minneapolis on Thursday night, revving up the crowd and brutally criticizing his opponents.

One of the biggest applause lines of the night targeted presidential hopeful Joe Biden, who’s been the Democrats’ frontrunner. President Trump went after shady Ukraine dealings within the Biden family and mocked the former vice president for success in only one area: knowing how to “kiss Barack Obama’s a**.”

“Where is Hunter?” Trump said, referencing Biden’s son. “Hunter, you know nothing about energy, you know nothing about anything, frankly. Hunter, you’re a loser. Why did you get $1.5 billion, Hunter?”

As noted by NPR, Biden began making trips to Ukraine in the spring of 2014, when Hunter took a position on the board of Burisma, Ukraine’s largest private gas company — thereby earning a reported $50,000 a month, as referenced by Trump on Thursday. – READ MORE

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