WATCH: CNN’s Ana Navarro Gets Worked Up Over Lindsey Graham Siding With Trump


Appearing to be on the verge of a breakdown of some sort during Monday’s Cuomo Prime Time, CNN political commentator and Never Trumper Ana Navarro got all worked up talking about Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) and how he’s sided with President Trump more and more.

Completely derailing a conversation that was supposed to be about how Attorney General William Barr hired a respected prosecutor to investigate how the Russia probe was started, Navarro grieved for her old friend. “Lindsey has been a friend of mine for so many years. I used to be able to pick up the phone and talk to Lindsey any time I wanted. He hasn’t picked up the phone in a long time, so I’m going to use your show to talk to him,” she said with what seemed like emotion welling up in her voice.

Look, I was so proud to be a supporter of Lindsey Graham. I hosted fundraisers for him. I traveled with him. I loved this man. He was a truth speaker. He was a straight talker. He was John McCain’s best friend,” she said. – READ MORE

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