Was Jeffrey Epstein Treated Like A Wealthy ‘Client’ In Florida Prison? Sheriff’s Office Wants To Know.


As multimillionaire sex offender Jeffrey Epstein comes back into the news based on new charges of sex trafficking dozens of minors, a sheriff’s office in Florida is looking into how it treated the former inmate.

The Washington Post reported that while Epstein was incarcerated — I use the term loosely — in 2008, the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s office treated him like a “client” rather than an inmate. For starters, Capt. Mark Chamberlain wrote in a memo that Epstein was “poorly versed in jail routine” since he was a first-time offender. Chamberlain added that “his adjustment to incarceration will most likely be atypical.”

Chamberlain allowed Epstein’s cell door to “be left unlocked” and allowed him “liberal access to the attorney room where a TV will be installed.”

Epstein was already known to have had a lenient jail sentence in a minimum-security prison for the crimes of which he was accused, thanks to a generous plea deal orchestrated in part by President Donald Trump’s former Labor Secretary Alex Acosta. He spent 12 hours a day, six days a week on a work release program. His job? Working for a nonprofit foundation that he himself had founded. – READ MORE

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