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Vox Writer: Not ‘Radically’ Responding to Climate Change Is a ‘Moral Crime’


Climate alarmists regularly claim combating climate change is a moral issue. But some take their hyperbolic rhetoric to new heights.

Vox energy and climate change writer David Roberts unloaded a 21-Tweet rant on July 9, claiming “This generation of humanity is engaged in a moral crime, the scale & consequences of which dwarf anything in our species’ history.”

“We’re doing the worst thing that’s ever been done” he continued. And the only solution is to “act radically, at unprecedented scale & speed.”

Roberts has a long history of extremist views on climate change. In 2006, he slammed climate skeptics, saying “we should have war crimes trials for these bastards — some sort of climate Nuremberg.” He later admitted “it was a horribly stupid & inappropriate thing to say,” but still called climate skepticism “monstrously immoral.” – READ MORE


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