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Time Adored Russia Under ‘Man of the Decade’ Gorbachev, Now Trump Jr. Is ‘Red Handed’


Von Drehle admitted that there’s a “long way to go” in proving collusion, but “whether the Trump team with the Russians or not, they certainly wanted to.”

And that is downright unpatrotic, the magazine insists: “But while partisanship is one thing, Russia has long been an entirely different matter. From Damascus to Turtle Bay, from oil fields to outer space, Russia is a fierce rival of the U.S. and has been for generations. What politician jumps in bed with Russia?”

One answer is Sen. Ted Kennedy in 1984, as historian Paul Kengor has documented. And then there is the leftist media. Today, Time magazine says Russia has been a “fierce rival for generations.” But in 1990, Time’s Strobe Talbott – who would eventually become Bill Clinton’s Deputy Secretary of State – wrote a story headlined “Gorbachev is helping the West by showing that the Soviet threat isn’t what it used to be – and what’s more, that it never was.”

Time magazine’s real “Red Handed” cover story was the one offering the honorific “Man of the Decade” to Gorbachev in an obvious snub of Ronald Reagan as the Soviet Union crumbled. Imagine either Donald Trump uncorking an oily tribute to a Russian like these people did – READ MORE



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