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VIDEO: Donald Trump Booed, Jeered, Mocked by Fellow GOP Conservative Voters at CPAC


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All the Donald Trump zeroes from CPAC yesteryear are now Trump heroes. Everybody loves a winner. Especially a presidential winner, even if you had absolutely nothing to do with getting him elected and everything to do with trying to stop him from even being on the ballot.

Let’s flashback to CPAC not even a year ago. The 2016 CPAC crowd lambasted Trump and likely didn’t support him in their state primary races either. If we all listened to the wisdom of CPAC voters, Hillary Clinton would be president today.

But hey. That was so yesterday. They love Trump now. Really, they do.

Really. Until they don’t. Which could be at any moment. Fair weather people and voters and the conferences that showcase them are like that.

This mob is fickle.

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