BUSTED: Open Borders Hero John McCain Lives in Exclusive $15 Million Remote Mountain Compound Surrounded by Water, Fences, Ridges


While millions of Arizonians and Americans have to battle the incredible influx of illegal aliens daily, Arizona Sen. John McCain is tucked safely away in a heavily guarded and shrouded remote compound in the Arizona mountains.

McCain’s property outside Sedona is so secret that very few photos even exist of the property. The fortress and its road share the same appropriate name: Hidden Valley. Photography of the six or seven or more residential buildings on McCain’s collection of adjoining lots is not permitted. Likewise, the McCain compound stands alone, appearing like its own remote neighborhood development from satellite photography. Even local helicopter companies are not permitted to buzz the property.

McCain and his federal security detail have initiated a local no-fly zone over and around the compound. That includes personal drones.

McCain’s compound is protected by a large creek on its eastern border and rocky mountain ridges and ranges on its other sides.

Perhaps this is why the multi-millionaire, long-time senior U.S. senator seems impervious to the plight of illegal immigration in his own state and beyond. What does he have to worry about living on a guarded compound worth an estimated $15+ million? The mountain compound is not to be confused with another Arizona property, a north central Phoenix house McCain sold for $3.2 million. Photos and video of that residence have been widely shared on the internet. The mountain compound is where McCain relocated to after that sale and apparently built a number of the structures on that now-impressive property.

Oh, we forgot to tell you. In addition to the six or seven or eight residential structures in the McCain mountain compound, the senator owns another seven or eight properties spanning from California to northern Virginia. Why don’t we know exactly how many properties, you might ask. Even McCain doesn’t know how many homes he owns.

Let’s take a look at the photos we do have of the McCain compound.

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