Varney calls 2020 Dems ‘grossly hypocritical’ after Forbes releases net worth of candidates


Fox Business host Stuart Varney called out the top 2020 Democratic presidential candidates on his Fox Nation show “My Take” Friday, after a Forbes report listed the candidates’ current net worth — all in the multi-millions.

“How many times have we heard presidential candidates rail against the rich, how wicked they are, how unfair the whole capitalist system is. If you’ve got money, they’re gonna take it off you. What gross hypocrisy. All of the Democratic front runners are multimillionaires,” Varney said.

According to Forbes, Elizabeth Warren has a listed net worth of $12 million, with Joe Bidenat $9 million, followed by Kamala Harris with $6 million, and Bernie Sanders with $2.5 million.

“They’re rich by any standard,” said the Fox Business host. ” And none of these four made their money in business. They’re government people and they want to run the government and take more money from people like you.” – READ MORE

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