US Army gets even deadlier with futuristic new night vision goggles


New futuristic goggles will make the U.S. Army even deadlier, when it comes to dominating night-time battlefields. The technology will also help keep soldiers safe in an entirely new way.

Imagine if U.S. soldiers could shoot with precision from behind the safety of cover without exposure to enemy bullets? What if soldiers could literally shoot from the hip, on the fly, with absolute precision?

American soldiers will be able to do all this – and more – thanks to an exciting new technology.

Going forward, enemies of the United States will have to face nearly $100 million-worth of futuristic devices that will allow U.S. soldiers to see in the battlespace in ways enemy forces cannot.

In a way, American soldiers will be able to see what their rifle “sees.” Remarkably, U.S. soldiers can point their weapons around corners, for example, and precisely hit threats – all the while remaining hidden and protected behind cover.

Without even bringing up the weapon to eye level, this new tech means soldiers can accurately fire a weapon. “Shooting from the hip” has officially entered a new era.

M4 rifle equipped with an FWS-I sight fired while wearing helmet equipped with an ENVG III night vision goggle at Fort Belvoir, Virginia. The FWS-I wirelessly transmits its sight picture to the ENVG III, allowing a shooter to see what the sight sees, without having to shoulder the weapon. (Credit: US Army)

The U.S. Army and BAE Systems closely collaborated to arm soldiers with the breakthrough technology. Dubbed the Enhanced Night Vision Goggle III and Family of Weapon Sight-Individual (ENVG III/FWS-I) program, the tech will provide soldiers with many crucial advantages. – READ MORE

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