Tucker Carlson: Susan Rice new frontrunner for Biden VP pick, and she is ‘a threat’


Susan Rice is the new frontrunner for Joe Biden’s vice president pick, argues Fox News host Tucker Carlson, and she is a serious threat.

Speaking on his show “Tucker Carlson Tonight” on Monday evening, Carlson argued that the three supposed frontrunners —Kamala Harris, Karen Bass, and Stacey Abrams— are all “just too unimpressive to run,” and in this important election season, the Democrats can’t risk losing.

“Biden’s handlers seem to have figured this out. Above all, the Democratic Party wants to win this year. They’re not in it for sentimental reasons or for love of Joe Biden. They’re in it for the power and they want it—badly,” Tucker said. So the VP pick, he argues, will be far more likely to be Susan Rice, who is “smart,” “hard-eyed,” “experienced,” and “a threat.”

Carlson argued that Rice is a “product of DC,” as she grew up there, and therefore “believes what everyone else in permanent Washington believes.” In other words, Rice, Obama’s national security advisor, is a “fervent neocon” who pushed for the “counterproductive” killing of Gaddafi, backed the bombing of a pharmaceutical factory, and claimed President Trump is a Russian agent. – READ MORE

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