Trump scores big, beats Obama and Bush with new Gallup approval rating


President Donald Trump just scored a huge victory over his predecessors when it was revealed he had his highest Gallup approval rating on May 13. Trump’s current approval rating is 49 percent, a higher number than four of the last six presidents at this same point during their presidencies.

On his 1,209th day in office, Trump’s approval rating was 49 percent. On Barack Obama’s 1,209th day in the White House, his approval rating was at just 47 percent, while George W. Bush’s was at 46 percent at this day of his in office. Meanwhile, on the 1,209th day of their presidencies, Bill Clinton had a 55% approval rating, George H.W. Bush was at 40%, Ronald Reagan at 52%, and Jimmy Carter at 38%.

Obama, George W. Bush, Clinton, and Reagan were all able to win reelection after having these numbers.

The 49 percent approval rating for Trump matches his all-time high, which he achieved on April 28 and March 22 of this year. Last month, Trump also had a 47 percent approval rating among Independents, the highest of any president.

The good news for Trump just kept on coming from there, as Gallup found that 50% of Americans approve how he has handled the coronavirus pandemic. – READ MORE

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