Trump PAC Has ‘Gargantuan’ Amount Of Cash, Gears Up For 2022, 2024


Former President Donald Trump’s leadership PAC “Save America” will be heading into the second quarter of 2021 with what those with knowledge of the situation call a “gargantuan” sum of cash on hand.

Because the PAC files its disclosures semiannually, official figures won’t be public until summer, but the cash on hand for the Save America PAC stands reportedly at $85 million.

Such a sum – which will surely only grow – will give Trump the ability to make a serious impact on the 2022 midterm elections as Republicans attempt to regain control of the House and Trump seeks to reshape the GOP.

While there is some disagreement within the Republican Party about how closely to align with the former president, the Republican National Committee and congressional campaign arms don’t mind the fact that at least some association with Trump brings in donations.- READ MORE

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