Trump Jr. Applauds Tucker Carlson’s Non-Apology


As the outrage campaign against Tucker Carlson continues to mount over recently-unearthed inappropriate comments he made on a shock jock’s radio show over a decade ago, the president’s son, Donald Trump Jr., is praising the Fox News host for refusing to apologize. Play Video

Over the weekend, Media Matters published a hit piece that featured several clips of Tucker Carlson on Bubba the Love Sponge radio in which he said that a 16-year-old girl marrying a 27-year-old man is not akin to rape.

“Look, just to make it absolutely clear. I am not defending underage marriage at all. I just don’t think it’s the same thing exactly as pulling a child from a bus stop and sexually assaulting that child,” Carlson said on the show. “The rapist, in this case, has made a lifelong commitment to live and take care of the person, so it is a little different. I mean, let’s me honest about it.”

Other clips featured Carlson talking about how women enjoy being told what to do by their man. He also uttered the words “c***” and “whore.” – MORE

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