Trump: ‘Here We Go Again’: DNC Is Already Working To ‘Destroy’ Bernie


President Trump took a moment on Sunday to help inflame resentment among Bernie Sanders supporters, who are still livid over how their candidate of choice was treated by the Democratic National Committee back in 2016.

“The Democratic National Committee, sometimes referred to as the DNC, is again working its magic in its quest to destroy Crazy Bernie Sanders for the more traditional, but not very bright, Sleepy Joe Biden,” Trump tweeted Sunday. “Here we go again Bernie, but this time please show a little more anger and indignation when you get screwed!”

Trump is no fan of Sanders, but he has repeatedly taken his side when it comes to how the DNC handled the nomination process in 2016, condemning it alongside Sanders fans for “rigging” the process and “disenfranchising” his supporters. – READ MORE

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