True Pundit Releases Unedited Yearbooks from Christine Ford’s Wild High School That Were Scrubbed from Internet


Christine Ford is due on Capitol Hill Thursday to testify against Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination to the Supreme Court and in recent weeks the yearbooks from her raunchy prep school were deleted from all corners of the internet.

The yearbooks from Holton describe parties, wild drinking, sex, and generally serve as a diary of wealthy girls at a tony all-girl prep school in the beltway during the 1980s.

Portions of the yearbooks were released and redacted and presented in an edited fashion. But even single pages from the years Ford attended the school have been deleted.

True Pundit obtained the complete, unedited and unredacted 1982 and 1983 yearbooks from Ford’s high school years. These were fully scrubbed from the web along with all the yearbboks during her time at Holton.

Ford alleges Kavanaugh assaulted her during 1982, after her sophomore year and according to the Holton yearbook, 1982 was a particularly wild school year with assorted binge drinking, parties, and photos of the school’s girls drinking heavily.

Why were these books deleted from the internet just before Ford’s accusations against Kavanaugh went public? See and judge for yourself HERE.

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