The TEN TWEETS That Foretold — FOUR YEARS AGO — Trey Gowdy Was a Deep-State Puppet


While all others in the right-wing media were spinning heroic tales about Trey Gowdy’s ‘tough DOJ prosecutor’ schtick during the Benghazi hearings and his supposed stance against FBI officials entangled in the Russia collusion and FISA-abuse cases, True Pundit was the lone voice in the political wilderness.

Gowdy in fact has worked AGAINST holding the State Dept., FBI and Justice Department accountable for shattering the U.S. Constitution and federal laws. And few in the media or government even blinked, except for Thomas Paine. Still, few others listened to or credited Paine. In fact, many Conservatives lashed out, defending Gowdy and slamming the pundit. Now, literally years later. Paine’s sentiments are going mainstream. We dust off Thomas Paine’s rarely-wrong crystal ball once again. See below.

We journey back through Tweets as far back as April 2016 — MORE THAN FOUR YEARS AGO. (We will add more here as we dig them up.)


Listen to the insightful Thomas Paine Podcast Below —

Listen to “Ep. 22 — Corrupt Clinton Foundation Investigation of Vaccine & Medical Fraud is BACK IN PLAY for the FEDS; Bobby Kennedy Jr Tells Paine He'” on Spreaker.

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