The media will never live down the ignominy of the Russian collusion hoax


The left-wing media will never learn to tell the truth. That was reinforced when we learned that even though special counsel Robert Mueller’s cleared President Trump of false claims against him, many in the media energetically spun the report in a way that perpetuated their anti-Trump narrative of the last two years.

This is the same media that write thousands of articles and hit pieces on Trump over the past two years, claiming that he stole the election from Hillary Clinton by means of an elaborate, but unexplainable, scheme with Russian President Vladimir Putin or some other Russian. They were never sure who. In fact, they had nothing more than rumor and innuendo, but they had an agenda they were determined to accomplish regardless of the facts or truth: destroy Trump and anyone associated with him.

You see, it is all about the perspective and political objectives of the writer and editor when establishing a point of view for a headline or news item. Today, almost all news pieces are really commentary rather than articles that focus on presenting facts and both sides of the story. Writers and editors attempt to influence through emotion rather than presenting facts and giving their readers the respect to draw their own conclusions. What’s the fun in respecting the reader?

That brings us back to the unapologetic and unrepentant left-wing media that have spent more than two years telling the world that Trump was an illegitimate president who stole the election.

The media provided a platform to spew unsubstantiated stories and speculative claims. They allowed radical “entertainers” to influence the public in ways that would produce moral outrage against the president without the media questioning the accuracy of the statements by the “stars.” The media let Clinton and all of her minions off the hook regarding abuse of power, ethical lapses, and destruction of critical evidence, because the media are stooges for the Left. – read more

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