The Incalculable Damage of the Russia Hoax


With powerful free press constitutional safe guards, Americans have empowered our media with an important mission in an informed democracy: reporting accurately with full transparency on important events.  Now with the Russia! Russia! Russia! Trump! Trump! Trump! Hoax, with its incredibly inaccurate and malicious reporting blown to hell and back, there is a significant lesson to be learned.

I have not seen anyone focus on both President Trump and President Putin winning;  one man for good the other for evil.

It is very simple.  There have been two individuals who entered the maelstrom of this fake news hurricane to emerge after the event and to have their positions made stronger on the world stage.  Both President Trump and President Putin knew the real truth of a fake narrative from the first moment the collusion issue was raised as a vehicle for a hide in plain sight what must acknowledged as political/media coup attempt.

President Trump was incredibly strong in standing firm, and his daughter Ivanka nailed it, in essence: the truth is the truth:

The Trump presidency has just reaped a global foreign policy and defense benefit: No world leader would never, ever doubt how tough he is, having survived this attempted coup. READ MORE:

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