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    Terrorist Building Pops Up Near MOAB Site, Mattis Sends Them Painful Reminder (VIDEO)


    When U.S. special operations forces and Afghan allies found an Islamic State group hideout near the site where the “Mother of All Bombs” was dropped last year, they decided that wasn’t going to fly. So, they sent the terrorists a painful reminder of American power, all courtesy of Defense Secretary James Mattis.

    According to Funker530, the bombardment was recorded by Spc. Jacob Krone in the Mohmand Valley of Afghanistan’s Nangarhar province on Feb. 4.

    That was the date of the Super Bowl, incidentally. And while the New England Patriots and the Philadelphia Eagles certainly lit up the field in Minneapolis, it looks like the real fireworks were over in Afghanistan.

    According to the video’s description, commandos had pushed the Islamic State group forces several kilometers away from the area’s major population centers over the winter months. Now that the terrorists were holed up in MOAB territory, the American forces and Afghan commandos decided to do something about it – READ MORE

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    Surveillance video from an overhead drone was recently released by the Defense Department that showed the fiery results of not one, but two strafing runs by an A-10 on a Taliban truck headed down a dirt road.

    The swiftly moving vehicle all but disappeared in a cloud of smoke and dust as the massive shells from the gun landed all around it. Once the dust cleared, the shredded truck could be seen smoldering for a moment until the aircraft made a second pass which completely obliterated what was left of the truck.

    Just one day prior to that video being released, Business Insider reported that a squadron of 12 A-10s had been deployed to Kandahar air base in Afghanistan for the first time since 2012. – READ MORE

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